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My name is Catherine Campbell. I have been a life long rider and all things horse enthusiast. I remember the moment I decided that my life would somehow revolve around these wonderful creatures; I was 7 years old, on a trail ride at camp in Central Texas. I made good on my 7 year old ambitions and wouldn't trade it for the world. This is a tough industry on varied levels and to navigate the waters alone, without family or support money is nearly impossible. I have spent the last 23 years dedicating my life to horses and riders. I have built from the ground up with thousands of hours of hard work in brutal work conditions a business I am proud of. 

To pay the bills I learned how to create eye catching user friendly websites, revamp and ignite failing horse farms, network with companies, create dynamic ad campaigns and much more. I will not only build or rebuild your business but I will teach how to run a successful business with expert customer care.

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