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Getting to know me.

My name is Catherine Campbell. I'm a Texas native and passionate horsewoman. The advancement of and support of the Horse Industry is something that is important to me. Advancing education for riders, trainers and barn owners to strengthen their horses and programs is my other passion. This comes from spending most of my life submerged in this very space. The Horse Industry is notorious for being chock full of misrepresented opportunities and misdirected intentions coupled with the crippling expenses, bodily injury, exhaustion, no regulation or licensing, social media problems and let's not forget owners, lead many of us down a treacherous path that ends in divorce, disabilities, depression, anxiety, addiction, loss of family and even suicide. It is my hope to provide counsel and services to the horse community to improve our presence, attendance, sense of community and make this industry what our horses and us deserve. 

I work with those looking to open their first facility or their 50th. We specialize in Horse farm operation and life long dreams. I also work with those looking to leave the business, revive their current program or farm, families that have a loved who has passed leaving them a farm or horses that need evaluation and sale. 


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